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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shawarma King on Westnedge

Kristin: Shawarma King Buffet
Before I begin, I would like to take you all through an excersize. Close your eyes, channel your inner Sean Connery, and say "Shawarama King." Ha. Awesome.
OoOoOoOkay. This is my first venture into the land of Lebanese dining, and sadly, it was pretty lask-luster. Hmph. Let's flesh this out step by step. The buffett was great in that I could try lots of different things that ordinarily I wouldn't have been able to. The humous was good but a little runny for my preference (went well with the frie
d pita chips though). The baba gannouj was very yummy-it reminded me of venison sausage to be honest. Probably the best thing was the Shawarma Chicken - a really unique flavor to me. The okra... okay not bad. The Beef Shawarma? Well that was just plain gross to me. So there were some good points... but none of the food was great enough that I'd bother to go back to Shawarma King. Sad day people.

one golden fork out of five

Kate: Shawarma King Buffet
Well, for all the talk this buffet got, it left a little to be desired. Now, don't get me wrong, it was alright, and it will, again, fill the middle eastern cuisine void caused when I moved away from Cbus. The hommous was pretty average, and the first round of falafel was good, but the second grab was a little bland. Now, I will give them the shawarma chicken. It was delicious, and I feel as though I should have followed the advice I was given on ordering the chicken shawarma sandwich, because it was definitely my favorite thing on the buffet. There were also some good green beans in a tomato sauce, yum!
Overall, not a bad experience, but nothing that blew my socks off. Though, they do offer the buffet-to-go which might be something to consider for the future...maybe.

two golden forks out of five


timbo0812 said...

Having been a fan of middle-eastern cuisine for most of my life, I can sympathize with your disappointment of Shawarma King.

Middle-eastern fare is, and always will be, hit or miss: it is either quite fantastic, or quite uninteresting. There just doesn't seem to be a middle ground.

The problem is that the quality of the food will change day by day, depending on the mood (and, in some cases, the age) of the people preparing the food. My suggestion is go back and give Shawarma another try, possibly on a different day of the week then you went before.

Who knows? You may just be surprised!

Kate L said...

Thanks for the comment. That has been my impression of middle eastern cuisine as well.

And, thanks for checking out our blog! Check back often for updates!

Fred McTaggart said...


I just happened upon your blog and love it. I'm a bit older than you two--have lived in Kalamazoo for nearly 35 years--but am still always on the lookout for ideas about where to find good food.

As for Shawarma King, my wife and I are regular carry-out customers of the Westnedge restaurant. We never go there for the buffet, even though it's probably a better deal than ordering from the menu. Donna always orders the shish tawook; I love the beef gallaya. We also order hommos, tabouli and garlic spicy potatoes (probably our favorite of all their dishes). Admittedly, the beef gallaya is always different depending on who is cooking for the night, but it's always full of lots of vegetables and a savory, spicy sauce. And for about $10, I usually get enough to last me three meals. Hommos and tabouli vary widely, but I like the style of Shawarma King's offerings--lots of garlic, lemon and olive oil. In fact, we have some in the refrigerator right now that I love as a spread on toast for lunch (hommos on the bottom, covered liberally with tabouli).

Anyway, I enjoy your blog and have gotten some ideas from it. If you're interested in wine, you might mosey over to my blog, www.artisanwine.blogspot.com, from time to time. Visitors and comments are always welcome.