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Monday, October 20, 2008

Bell's Brewery Eccentric Cafe

Kristin: Grilled Portabella and Roasted Red Pepper
Let's be realistic. Kate and I have lived in K-zoo for a few months now, so we are no strangers to the Kalamazoo institution known as Bell's Brewery, nor the pub Bell's owns: The Eccentric Cafe. We haven't blogged about it before now because this is the first time we've gone with the express purpose of eating a whole meal, not just snacky things.
The Grilled Portabella and Roasted Red Pepper is a burger. A burger sans meat. Because the meat portion is taken up by a gigantic grilled mushroom. And when combined with the feta cheese and red peppers, it, my friends, was wondrous.*
The atmosphere is exactly what you would expect from a place called "the Eccentric cafe." I must note my favorite part of the decor is a wall of assorted masks/ heads/ faces that are hung behind the bar. (The best one is a mounted head of a Blue Green Abelard - for those of you out there who are rusty on their Children's Literature, that's an antelope-type thing from Dr Seuss world.**)
four out of five golden forks
*It may stand to be pointed out that I have an almost obsessive love of mushroom-based food.
**Don't feel bad if you didn't know, I definitely had to google that tid-bit of information.

Kate: It was on the specials board, I can't remember what it was called...It was a garden burger with feta goodness!
Now, I had dined at Bell's before. I had taken a few out-of-town friends there to show it off, and I loved what I ate then. This day was no exception. One of the wonderful things about the Eccentric Cafe is their every changing specials board. And, today I did partake. Really, put feta on anything, and I am pretty much in, but put it on a garden burger, and I am really in. This was a garden burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and then this delicious sauce that had a spicy kick AND the feta. Oh, it was delicious. We also enjoyed the pretzel rods with beer cheese appetizer. I could have eaten that whole thing myself. YUM!
Bell's, to me, has the full package, great, fresh, lite fare, yummy beer, a cool atmosphere, and every time I go in there, the music is even better than the last, which I didn't think you could do. Only downfall, for us financially challenged, is that they are a cash-only establishment. Breaks my heart, as I hardly ever have cash on me, but I see what they are doing, and I appreciate them for it!

five golden forks out of five!

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