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Friday, October 3, 2008

Vino Vino: Columbus, Ohio

Kate: Brie and Granny Smith Brushcetta, Baked Goat Cheese, and Chocolate Flight
So, I have referred to my favorite place in Cbus (yes, I moved here from Columbus, Ohio) many times, and recently, I got to visit it and enjoy my favorite dishes. YAY! So, I thought I would blog about them in case any of our "loyal readers" (that was supposed to be funny as I don't think any but a few actually read this) happen to be in Columbus, Ohio. Vino Vino! What can I say about it? A wine bar that serves Tuscan cuisine. My fave spot in Columbus. I can't even remember how I ended up there the first time, but it doesn't matter. I was there MANY times after that. The wine menu is great and the servers and bartenders are all really knowledgeable. The feature 3 wine flights per month, and on this visit I had a flight of light whites. YUM!
So, I will admit, I went a little overboard in my ordering while at Vino Vino on this visit as I wanted to satisfy my cravings for their menu. The brie brushcetta with granny smiths is wonderful. There are sugared nuts and a sweet glaze that make this dish a perfect start. Now, can I have a moment to celebrate the baked goat cheese? This is, BY FAR, the best dish I have ever had. It is actually an appetizer, but always ends up being my meal. The goat cheese is coated in bread crumbs and baked so it is soft and warm. There are dressed greens on the side and the goat cheese sits in a pool of marinara. It is topped off with olive oil drizzled slices of ciabatta bread that you put all of that goodness on. It don't know what it is, but there is something about how all these flavors come together that make it the BEST THING EVER! I was in heaven as I enjoyed my plate! I am getting hot and bothered just thinking about. Now, you would think that I would try to figure out how to recreate this dish on my own, but, NAY! I like knowing it is a treat when return to see my friends in Cbus.
Now, the chocolate flight, to my surprise, had changed since my last visit. And, the change is one I am uber pleased with. The chocolate flight now consists of three small servings of different creme brulees. That is right, you heard me correctly. Three creme brulees. The first if a white chocolate one, the second, milk chocolate with mocha, and the third, dark chocolate with a black currant sauce. Yes. Can you imagine a better dessert? I will admit, I polished all of this off myself (and later regretted the amount of food I ate), but, I was treating myself, and I am SO GLAD I DID!
Though, a special trip to Columbus to try Vino Vino might seem extreme, I really think that the fare is good enough to warrant it. YUM!! YUM!!! YUM!!

five golden forks out of five!


matthew said...

i would love to hear what u have to say about oakwood bistro, or Lo-Do's company in portage, i do how ever know there a little outta the way.

Kristin said...

Hi Matthew!
I feel like you're not the first person to reccommend the Oakwood Bistro to us. We'll have to get there soon.
I haven't heard of this Lo-Do's place yet (have you Kate?), but Portage is certainly not too far! What kind of food do they serve?

Thanks for stopping by!

Kate L said...

Nope. Not familiar with Lo-Do's. We will have to look into it!