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A Note from the Foodies about our typical fair:
So, you may notice as you read our blog that we often order the same thing wherever we go. OK, maybe not quite, but we do often order similar things. Kristin has her caprese salads and mushroom dishes. Kate has her baked goat cheese and things with tofu. Well, readers, we wanted to let you know that this is absolutely intentional. A) We love those things, so why not order what you love? And, B) It is a lot easier to compare apples to apples than it is to compare apples to comquats. So, we like to order similar things to have a good sense of how to compare them. Just wanted to let you in on that little secret. Bon appetit!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Kristin: Fajita Wrap (And Mama Menna's Cookies)
Attention college students that frequent our blog - Menna's is this month's awesomely affordable entry. But then, if you are a college student in Kzoo... you probably already know about this place.
I really like the scene in this little joint (Aka the "Only Legal Joint in Town"). Movie posters and trivia adorn every square inch of the walls. And they're fun cultish movies like Evil Dead and the Princess Bride. Woot. The staff is also pretty great - a friendy crew with a sense of humor who don't forget to end the transaction with a sincere "Have a great day!" I like that in my eatery of choice.
On to the food. Menna's specializes in quirky wraps that I can best describe as the perfect late night college food. I got the Fajita wrap, which contained chicken (tossed in taco sauce), lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and I believe there were a bit of pepper for heat in there as well. Good to eat, but messy as all get out! I believe both Kate and I got about 3/4 through our respective wraps before we had to admit defeat and get forks to finish off the rest. Followed that up with some of Mama Menna's chocolate chip cookies. Though I mention them here only because I ordered them - they weren't really anything past your standard run of the mill cookie.
three golden forks out of five.

Kate: Taco Light Dub and a Pickle
I can't believe that Kristin didn't call them by their actual names! Though they are wraps, they call them "dubs" for some reason. Not sure why. Was hoping for an explanation when I went there (their menus are all over campus), but, not so much.
Anywho, yes, I opted for a light version of one of their dubs. It was pretty similar to what Kristin had and I struggle to understand why it was "light". It had a lot of lettuce and hardly any cheese, so maybe that is why. But, it was still tasty. And, yes, I had to relinquish to the fork at one point. It just would not stay together. There was a good bit of kick in it thanks to the jalapenos. Yum! I was certainly satisfied and was not wanting for more when I polished it off.
I did start the meal with a big old pickle. YUM! Pretty much your run-of-the-mill huge-ass pickle. But, it was a good way to start the meal off. Probably should have saved some for after my dub since it did have some punch. Next time I suppose.
I don't imagine myself hitting up Menna's too frequenlty, but they do deliver into the wee hours of the morning... hum...

three golden forks out of five.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

Oh Bugger! You're totally right- they DO call them Dubs! My bad! (Holy Too-Many-Exclamation-Points Batman!)