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A Note from the Foodies about our typical fair:
So, you may notice as you read our blog that we often order the same thing wherever we go. OK, maybe not quite, but we do often order similar things. Kristin has her caprese salads and mushroom dishes. Kate has her baked goat cheese and things with tofu. Well, readers, we wanted to let you know that this is absolutely intentional. A) We love those things, so why not order what you love? And, B) It is a lot easier to compare apples to apples than it is to compare apples to comquats. So, we like to order similar things to have a good sense of how to compare them. Just wanted to let you in on that little secret. Bon appetit!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Epic Bistro

Kristin: Sideways Wine Flight, Almond-Crusted Baked Brie w/Fruit, Citrus Grilled Sea Scallops, Creme Brule
Seeing as we've neglected to go anywhere post-worthy in the better part of a month, we figured we'd do it up right by going all out at Epic. Or at least that's what I decided. Which was a great idea until I got my bill.
Let me start by saying how happy I am about the weather in Kzoo recently. We walked to Epic, which was SUPER nice, especially on a Friday night with all the available people-watching opportunities.
So. We began with the wine flight. Mine had a Chardonnay, a Pino Grigio, and A Baby Opus. Now, not being a real wine connoisseur until moving to Kzoo, I must say I've noticed that it is rare for me to not like Chardonnay. This was no exception- the Chard was easily my fave of the bunch, though let it be noted that all three selections were really tasty. Plus they were brought out in this spiffy little wire holder thingie. I dunno, it was pretty spiffy.
Appetizers were next. We each ordered an appetizer and shared with the rest of the table (OH! I should mention that Paul was with us on this outing, so we munched off the hummus he ordered as well as our own two appetizers.) I am super happy with the selections that all three of us made, though I think the almond crusted brie that I ordered is almost more of a desert-option than a before-the-meal appetizer. With this in mind, Kate's bruschetta was definitely my favorite of that course.
I decided, with no real concern for my wallet, that I should order the scallops for my main course. They came with an assortment of wood-grilled veggies, wilted spinach, and risotto. And HOLY SNOT were they delicious. They cut like butter. I would have licked my plate if that would have been appropriate in such a nice establishment... or really any establishment. Why isn't that appropriate? It should be. Kate, let's start an etiquette movement.
After more or less stuffing ourselves, our sneaky (and let it be stated here, very well informed) waitress slid some dessert menus under our noses. What's the top listed option? Creme Brule. Sold.
So we each ordered one of those without realizing that they are HUGE servings. Seriously, get one and split it with at least one other person. I think one order really could have done for all three of us. But hey, why not splurge a bit, eh?
Oh that's right, because it's expensive.
Yeah. In that one evening I pretty much blew my entire eating out budget for the month. But to be fair, all the eateries within the Millenium Restaurant Group (Black Swan, Epic, Union, Martell's and Filedstone) are not really known for their cost effectiveness, so this is something I had an inkling of going in. I really should have taken that knowledge and applied it to mentally adding the bill I was racking up in my head so I didn't have to catch my breath when I got the actual receipt. But that, dear readers, is the sacrafice I make for YOU, so that you can get a truly comprehensive view of Epic. You're welcome (though if you really want to show your gratitude, you should check out the cafe press store. :).
five golden forks out of five!

Kate: "Anything But Chardonnay" Wine Flight, Baked Goat Cheese Bruschetta, Chicken Caprese Sandwich, Creme Brulee
Yes, we have been bad. So sorry readers! They say t is a recession, and it is the "busy season" for us and our jobs...excuses, excuses, I know! Well, any way, we decided it was time to go out for a nice meal! And, that we did. This was definitely a bit of a splurge. But, so worth it.
The wines in this flight were all super crisp and refreshing. I would certainly buy a bottle of all three of them for some sipping at home, but the most delicious one was the Now and Zen Alsace. Wow! Very refreshing. A perfect summer wine.
The appetizers were outstanding. Kristin's brie was a little overly almond, the goat cheese bruschetta was the perfect blend of cheese and tomato and basil and deliciously mixed with olive oil. Pesto on the side made this a perfect starter. Paul ordered the Whitebean-Horseradish Hummus. What a pleasant surprise that was. I was skeptical, but it was the perfect balance of bean and horseradish. I will definitely try to make this one on my own... So, the bar was set high for the rest of the meal. These were outstanding starters.
My chicken caprese sandwich was quite good. You can imagine the ingredients... you really can't stray too far from the caprese formula. I could have used a little more flavor. The chicken was grilled just right, but could have used a little more seasoning to compliment the tomato, basil, and mozzarella. The way underwhelming part of the meal was the russet fries on the side. They were bland. Not seasoned at all. And, a little underdone for my taste. So, I would say the appetizer is an ok start if the russet fries are on the side. You can skip those...
The creme brulee was, possibly, the best I have had in Kalamazoo. Food Dance is right up there. And, I think I would have to have their's again to compare. But this was darn good. Though, there were one or two spots on the top that were a little over "bruleed" and tasted a bit burnt. But, the vanilla bean was in the perfect blend with the other ingredients. And, it was topped with beautiful berries. I was in dessert heaven!
My recommendation would be to stop into the Epic Bistro for appetizers and drinks, or dessert and drinks, but maybe skip the entree. I think Kristin's was a little more amazing than mine, so I will give them another shot. I mean, they did such a tremendous job with the starters and the dessert... maybe I ordered wrong.
We will go back!

five golden forks out of five!

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