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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Foodies on Vacay: Phil's Bar and Grill (Saugatuck, MI)

Kate: Red Curry Turkey Salad Sandwich with Rosemary Garlic Chips
On vacay with the family (minus Paul, sadly, for the first half of the week) and we went into Saugatuck to explore the city. Now, I was starving. I went for a run that morning, and it was like 2:00 by the time we made it into town. Sometimes, my family can be a little slow on getting up and out. Anyway, we are roaming Saugatuck, and I keep asking when we are going to eat. Finally, my dad says that I should just pick a spot and let everyone know where I am and they will join when they are ready to eat. Ok. I can do that. And conveniently, Phil's was the closest place. It also happened to be a recommendation by a friend, AND, the specials for the day sounded awesome. So, that is where I landed.

They have a darling outdoor area that seats about 10 people (perfect, there were 9 of us). Now, it is four separate tables, but knowing we would be the only ones out there, we asked if we could take it over. And, we did. It was a beautiful day, and I would always prefer dining outside if I can. So, we took over and began examining the menu.

There were so many delicious sounding things on this menu. And, everything is fresh, made on the spot, love that. I was really torn. I started with a beer (Hacker Shore Weiss which actually had a nice citrusy finish making it perfect for a hot summer day) and continued stressing about what I was going to order. FINALLY, I decided to order the special. It just sounded so good, and like something I couldn't get everywhere.

When my sandwich arrived and I took the first taste, I immediately knew I made the right choice. This sandwich was amazing. Red Curry Turkey Salad... just say that a few times. It took a minute to take hold. But, man, these guys know what they are doing. It wasn't overwhelming. It was subtly flavored. But, it was refreshing and perfect for a hot day. The swiss cheese added some creaminess and a touch of tang, and the romaine lettuce added some crunch. All held together by this delicious multigrain cibatta bread. Wow! A home run for sure. Served with their homemade rosemary potato chips. Perfection. This will now be a sandwich that I crave!

Since we sat outside, I don't have a lot to say about the Phil's atmosphere. It is in an old theater, best I can tell, since there is a huge marquis outside. And, it's got that dark, bar feel inside. The restrooms were nice. And, they had the same Folies-Bergere (La Loie Foller) hanging on the wall that I do in my dining room. So, that's cool.

Oh, another totally fun thing... when our server brought our bills, we also each got a little cup of animal crackers. For real. What a cool little touch. I won't forget that. Which is probably what they were going for.

Phil's will be yet another reason to head to Douglas/Saugatuck more often... SO GOOD!

five golden forks out of five.

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