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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tokyo Express (Hibachi)

Kate: Tofu Hibachi
Paul and I were out and about running, what felt like, a ton of errands. And, it was time to fill our bellies for some much needed energy. So, we decided to try the new Japanese/Hibachi place that just opened near our place.

We were warmly greeted upon entering and were quickly seated at it was not busy. In fact, at first, we were the only ones in the place. But, it wasn't a prime meal time, so, no big deal. We knew we were likely going to opt for hibachi because, let's face it, we love hibachi. This is not your typical hibachi place where you sit at the big hibachi table with strangers and the chef displays awesome spatula spinning skills and flips broccoli into someone's mouth. Here, the set up is like any other restaurant. Just tables and Asian decor. And, that is fine. Honestly, sometimes I feel really awkward sitting at the hibachi table.

Anyway, we looked over the lunch menu and were immediately struck by the great prices. Especially for what you get for the price. Like typical hibachi, you get the rice, veggies, and protein, plus soup or salad. For like $7! I ordered tofu. And, was happy with my choice.

The miso soup came out first, and was on par with what I would expect. It didn't knock my socks off. But it was good. Maybe a little on the salty end. Then she delivered our plates of hibachi. And, again, not like the best thing I ever ate, but definitely tasty, satisfying and very budget friendly. The vegetables seemed fresh and crisp, the tofu had nicely taken on the flavor of the sauces it was cooked in, and the rice was also well seasoned. The sauces were what I would expect. A ginger sauce, and the spicy white hibachi sauce which I love.

I'll admit it. I was in the clean plate club that day. The food tasted good, was served in decent proportions, and made my tummy happy.

I am not sure I would recommend driving across town to try out Tokyo Express as I found it comparable with other options in the area, but if you are over here, it is definitely worth stopping in. I am certain it will become a regular in our carryout or quick (and close to home) dinner options.

Check it out for yourself!


three golden forks out of five.

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