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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Confections with Convictions

When Dale Anderson posted the following on the Kalamazoo Foodies Facebook page, we didn't know just what we were in for:
Dear Kalamazoo Foodies: It would be fun to meet you, to talk about delicious food, and to see what you think of our chocolatey treats. First-timers always start with a free sample from the case. Stop by sometime soon! Dale, from Confections With Convictions (116 E. Crosstown Pkwy., Ste, 101, Kalamazoo, MI 49001 (269) 381-9700 www.confectionswithconvictions.com)
After some scheduling issues, we finally made a trip to Confections with Convictions to check them out.  We are so very glad we did! We were greeted by Dale himself  who smiled from behind the case of beautiful treats.  After introductions, Dale starting telling us about each treat as if they were his children. The confections are not only beautiful but they are incredibly flavorful too. He has such thoughtful combinations (my FAVORITE BY FAR: White Chocolate Truffle with Vanilla, Walnut, and Poppy seeds! Who comes up with that?) and quality ingredients.

His story, including his convictions, are on his website. The concept is truly inspiring. Dale is an amazing artist with a keen sense for chocolate. I was delighted when days later I saw him featured on the Maranda show on WOTV 4.

What the foodies tried: Kentucky Sorghum Molasses Caramel with Applewood Smoked Sea Salt & Poppy Seed, Walnut, and Vanilla Truffle

What the foodies bought to take home:
1.  Poppy Seed, Walnut, and Vanilla Truffle X 2
2. 65% Dark with Honeycomb
3. Maple Butter Crunch
4. 72 1/2% Ecuadorian/Peruvian Blend Truffle

Even Little Foodie was in wonderment!
He couldn't stop staring in the case even though he wasn't able to try any of the treats

Next time, Little Foodie, next time.
five forks out of five

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