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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gorilla Gourmet

Kate: BLT

YAY! I FINALLY made it down to Gorilla Gourmet, one of Kalamazoo's up and coming food trucks. First, let me say, this was one of my first food truck visits, and I was psyched! I mean, I have gotten pretzels from street vendors before, but I think this might have been my first legit food truck experience! Woot!

I wandered down for lunch, since the current location is so super close to campus. It was a beautiful, slightly windy day, and I was ready for a tasty sandwich. I have been following Gorilla Gourmet on Facebook for awhile, and am always drooling over the photos they post, so when I arrived, I was good and hungry and ready to attack my lunch.

The menu is not large, but you can tell it is very thoughtfully planned. Three sandwich options, a soup, and a burrito. Those were the choices. But, you know that so much care goes into each one of those. So, I selected the BLT, since I have recently become a bacon eater again. But also because it sounded delicious. Heirloom tomatoes, organic mixed greens, a basil-lime vinaigrette, and the bacon of course. How could you go wrong with this combination? So, we placed our order, took a seat at the table under the tent, and patiently waited for our lunch.

Gorilla Gourmet gets food. Big time. And, more importantly, gets the importance of local food. The ingredients were the freshest of fresh. There was no greasiness, no "I hate myself" for eating this delightful sandwich. It not only tasted good, but it made me feel good to be supporting my community by eating it. Ok, off my soapbox, but seriously, there is nothing like a meal made with ingredients that come from where you live. Nothing frozen. No long drives to get to you. It is from here. And, that makes a difference.

This sandwich was excellent. The ingredients mixed and mingled in such a perfect way. It wasn't overwhelmingly huge, but very satisfying. And, I am certain that anything on this menu will blow you away. Please support this great new addition to our community!

Check them out on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gorilla-Gourmet/143321982353310

And, this foodie says...

five golden forks out of five.

(and I can't wait to try more!)

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