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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yo Go Delite

Kate: Texas Peanut Butter Yogurt with Reese's Pieces, Pecans, Sprinkles, and Semi Sweet Chocolate Drops
Lately, we
have spent a lot of time on Westnedge Ave. in Portage, MI. Whether it is trips to Babies R'US or to Motherhood Maternity, we just keep ending up over there. So, we saw that there was a new frozen yogurt place going in, and we were intrigued. 

I have been eating A LOT of ice cream type treats. I have a lot of sweet stuff cravings, and the cold, creaminess of ice cream usually is the answer to the calling. But, I have been trying to eat more frozen yogurt than ice cream so that there is at least some redeeming nutritional value to my treat. So, a new frozen yogurt place was something this pregnant lady wanted to try. 

The final class in our Prepare for Birth class series ended early, and, what do you know, we were on that end of town. So, to celebrate, we though, 'let's stop in for some yogurt.' It was their Grand Opening week and they were offer 30% too. So, we walked in and were amazed at how busy it was. We stood there for a minute, a bit confused (where do we go? I don't see yogurt at the counter. Do they serve you? What is this place?), until a young gentleman came up to us and asked if we had been there before. Nope. So, he gave us the "tour". 

He took us back to the back where there were about 20 ice cream machine handles sticking out of the wall with different flavors listed above, and behind that, a bar, if you will, with fresh fruit, flavored syrups, candy pieces, nuts, etc. He explained that they have over 140 flavors that they offer, and that each day they feature the 20 in the store. You get a cup, fill it up, and pay by weight. It is that simple. You are the boss. You can mix 5 different flavors together if you want. And, put whatever toppings sound good. 

So, we went to town. I struggled, a bit, on choosing a flavor. The base is so important. Plus, did I want to do a "healthy" version, with fresh fruit, or a more indulgent version with candy pieces. Since I have been craving Reese's Pieces like it is my job, I opted for the the more indulgent version. After much deliberation, I decided on the Peanut Butter yogurt. Boy was that good! And, I covered it with the ingredients listed above. 

Now, I didn't fill my cup all the way up. Here is the trick... even the small cup is HUGE. And, no one needs to eat all that. So, I tried to be somewhat responsible. I watched others not care so much about that, but for me, it was the way to go. 

Here is the other trick... that stuff adds up. We were lucky it was 30% off. It is not a cheap treat. If you are looking for that, head to McDonald's. But, I tell you what, quality-wise, it is worth it. The yogurt is delicious, and to be able to add all those toppings that you choose, in the amount you want, it is an experience. The only bad thing... if you put some stuff together because you THINK it will be good, and it ends up tasting like trash, you are kind of stuck with it, especially at that price. 

But, we will go back. We will take friends. And, we will tell everyone about it. Plus, this girl, not surprisingly, was in the clean plate club again!

four golden forks out of five.

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