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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Healthy Eater!?!?!

This is kind of an extension of a previous post where I talked about coming to terms with the fact that I was once an overweight person who is now not-so overweight and is still taken aback by being called "skinny".

Recently, I was having a conversation with some friends about my upcoming standard Glucose test to check for Gestational Diabetes. One friend has a horror story, if you will, of failing the test her first time because the night before she indulged on a McDonald's meal of a Big Mac and a Strawberry Shake. She had to take the most in-depth test as a follow up, and passed. And, this friend is not an unhealthy person. She is fit and trim. And, I would perceive her as being a pretty all around healthy gal. I think she just had a moment of weakness that lead to the McDonald's stop.

In the conversation, I thanked her for sharing the story, so I can be extra careful (as I REALLY don't want to have to come back for this test. Did you know, you have to drink the super sweet stuff then sit there, STILL, for an hour? If you fail, you have to come back and do it again, but this time for THREE HOURS!). My doc had already told me not to drink my morning juice, and now I know to avoid super sweet things the night before.

But, as I thanked her for sharing, and commented that I would avoid the shake, she said something to the effect, of  'Well, this shouldn't be an issue for you, Kate. You are such a healthy eater any way!' So, I smiled. And said something about not eating a Big Mac regardless because I don't eat read meat.

This caused me to pause though. And, now I am thinking that in addition to being seen as a skinny person (not so much now as I have what looks like a basketball under my shirt!) I am also seen as a healthy one. Now, I admit, I try to make healthy choices whenever I can. But, I am human. And, I will be honest... I have had ice cream or frozen yogurt almost EVERYDAY for the last few months. That isn't healthy! Right? But, I suppose when you balance it with two important things: a) primarily healthy foods for every other meal and snack, and b) moderation; it adds up to a pretty healthy diet. I don't eat a large blizzard every time I eat ice cream. I have a serving. A small amount. And, the rest of my diet consists of as many fresh, healthy things as possible. So, I guess I am healthy.

It was just another one of the moments where I realized how much I have changed my ways over the last 10 years. And, now that I have realized it, it is something I can be proud of, right? Go me! Healthy, fit, and trim! And, ready to share all of these good habits along with my now more refined eco-friendly ways with the littler person I am currently growing. YAY!

P.S. A few weeks ago, I did have a co-worker tell me that she didn't know how, but that I actually looked skinnier than I did pre-pregnancy. She was referring to the rest of me, not the aforementioned basketball of course, but I have to say, I think I have done a fairly good job of taking care of myself through this process! YAY!

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