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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jac's (Cekola's Pizza)

Kate: Caprese Salad and Green Pepper, Onion (and half Italian Sausage for Paul) Pizza
It was another busy weekend day full of running around and taking care of errands. This is becoming a thing now. Now that I don't work quite as much on the weekends, this seems to be alright. And, really, who knew there was so much to do to prepare for a baby? Really? So, we were running around and this lady needed to eat. 

We had driven by Jac's on the way to our birthing class and Paul had heard some OK things about it. Actually, I think he read somewhere that the pizza was supposed to be great.  So, while we were out and about, we thought, 'what the heck!?!' and, seriously, how expensive could it be. It's a pizza joint. So, in we were, on a Saturday afternoon.The place was pretty quiet. Not a whole lot of folks hanging out. So, we grabbed a table and started looking over the menu.

There is not a lot on there that was appealing to me, other than pizza and salad. So, we decided we would go with that. You know me and a caprese. I can't resist. And, as for pizza, well, we went with some toppings we could agree on and placed the order. And, waited. And, waited. And, waited. 

We finally called our server over and mentioned that we would like the salad first, and she seemed surprised by this. So, she went to grab the caprese and like a minute later, brought out our pizza. Not ideal. I was hungry. But, we dealt.

As caprese salads go, this one was pretty good. The ingredients were of high quality. It wasn't terribly fancy on the plate, but it did taste pretty darn good. You could taste the richness of the balsamic and they sprinkled the whole plate with some very good, large crystal salt, which oddly added a nice crunch to the salad. While this salad was good, I am not sure it was $9 good (I think that is how much it was... it seemed high to me). It was small. And, for a pizza joint, that seems a bit, uh, much, but it hit the spot then. 

And... on to the pizza. The pizza was alright as pizza goes. Thin crust. SUPER greasy. A nice, light covering of a well seasoned sauce. A ton of cheese (thank you). And, high quality toppings. There was nice crunch to the outer crust. It was good. Nothing to write home about. And, not my favorite pizza ever. But, it was good. Again, the greasiness is what stuck with me. It was almost 'hose you off after eating it' greasy. And, for some, that is what pizza is all about. That is not necessarily my pizza quality of choice, but if it is yours, then you will be in heaven.

Overall, not a bad experience. The bill was high for a thin crust pizza and a caprese salad I thought (over $30 with tip...) and we waited awhile, which was odd since there was hardly anyone in there. Plus, not that this really matters, but they  have about 50 (exaggerated!) televisions in the place, and over half of them were playing some weight loss product infomerical the whole time we were there. Which, for some reason, just left a weird taste in my mouth. But, I might go back. It wouldn't be the most awful thing ever. 

NOTE: I did take a picture of the pizza that I intended to post... but, I took it on my phone, and when I downloaded it, I realized that it was MEGA blurry... SORRY! I know I suck at the whole posting pictures thing! 

three golden forks out of five.

1 comment:

Kp said...

oh wow. I dunno that I would have given a full three forks for what you described - greasy to the wazoo isn't really my style either (as you well know). But I do definitely want some caprese now that you mention it. :)