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Friday, April 12, 2013

Crow's Nest

What I ordered-Captain's Ration Omelet with seasoned red skin potatoes and an English muffin

So as you can see by this post, I had visited the Crow's Nest before. A long time ago. Like almost 5 years ago (woah! Have I really been in Kalamazoo this long?). And, was unimpressed. For awhile now, Mr. Foodie has been saying that we needed to go there for breakfast. That opportunity finally arose when we both had a day off and dropped Little Foodie off at daycare so we could be productive. First stop, the Crow's Nest.

The decor and atmosphere is just as I remember it. Kitschy. Cutesy. Divey. And other words ending in "y". The menu,  however, seemed different to me. My  memory of this place is VERY divey. With a plastic cover menu with too many things on it. That is not what we got on this visit. So, now I am asking myself if my memory is way off, or if things have changed a lot in the last 5 years!

The breakfast menu is so awesome sounding, in fact, that I had trouble deciding what to order. A lot of trouble. I landed on this gem of an omelet with basil walnut pesto mixed into the eggs, sausage, sun dried tomatoes, and provolone inside, and a really great red pepper aioli on top. Add the side of potatoes (YUM) and the house made English muffin (SUPER YUM) and you've got yourself quite the breakfast.

The omelet was truly fantastic. The flavors all came together in such harmony. Not one really stole the show, though the pesto stood out. But, if you know me, you know I love pesto! The sausage was great and added to the hardiness of this meal. I really probably shouldn't have finished this whole thing but (don't judge me!) I did!The potatoes were really well seasoned and with a little of the housemade ketchup were really yummy. I tried them with the red pepper aioli too... that was super tasty.

I was really blown away by the English muffin. I LOVE English muffins and have never ventured into the English muffin making place. And, knowing that these gems are available around the corner makes me not want to. The outside had the right amount of crisp. The inside was the right amount of chewy. So, so very good.

One surprise was the pricing. With this being such a hot spot for college students in the area, I expected it to be uber cheap. It was not. I didn't have to take a loan out to pay for breakfast, but it was pricier than I expected. It is absolutely worth the money, but that took me a back a bit.

Had this been my first trip to the Crow's Nest, I probably would have gone with 5 forks, but I can't forget that other trip. So, let's average it out, and 4 it is.

four golden forks out of five

1 comment:

Hillary said...

I don't frequently goto Crows Nest, but I've never had a bad meal. Maybe your first visit was a fluke. Glad you gave it another shot!