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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Frona's Pantry, Richland

What I ordered- Housemade granola, fruit and yogurt cup with a side of bacon and coffee

Little Foodie and I met a friend for breakfast at this little place on Gull Lake. I had never heard of it, but she highly recommended it. I tell you what, we will be back!

A little off the beaten path, Frona's sits right next to the lake. The decor is kitschy with the feel of an old diner. The pastry counter beacons when you walk in with yummy looking treats. Though, I did get the sense that this is where the locals really are. So, when I walked in, I felt like the whole place, which isn't really that big, looked at me wondering who we were. But, I got over the pretty quickly.

We found a table and waited for our friend. The one high chair they have was in use, so Little Foodie and I played a bit until it was available. I also tried to look at the menu when he wasn't trying to put it in his mouth and was immediately torn. Prices are GOOD. Really low. And, once I say the servings sizes, I realized they are really low as you get a good plateful of food. So many things sounded good. Pancakes? French toast? Housemade bagel? What did I want????

It came down to decision time and I, of course, still had no idea, so I went with what I looked at first. And this, my friends, was the granola (also housemade),  fruit and yogurt cup. But, wanting so more protein, I opted for a side a bacon as well... GOOD CALL!

My goblet of goodness arrived with my granola on the side. Fresh strawberries and bananas over a very creamy and thick vanilla yogurt. The raisin-free (this is a thing for Mr. Foodie) granola was loaded with nuts. I dumped it on top and mixed it all together. Now, maybe I was super hungry. Or maybe this was one spectacular start to my day! Light and fresh and creamy and yummy. I could eat this every day!

And, let's not forget about the bacon. I am new to bacon eating. Until recently, the last year or so, I was a turkey bacon girl. I have been converted, however, and this bacon tops my list of best bacon I have had so far. Thick cut. Slightly peppered. Crispy. Substantial. So good.

While I didn't order the most complex or special thing on their breakfast menu, I was thoroughly pleased. The ingredients were of high quality. The service was good. And, I understand that when the weather is warmer, they have a lot of outdoor seating, which sounds like a dream.

We will be back to Frona's Pantry. There is no doubt in my mind.And, you should go too! It is worth the drive.

four golden forks out of five


Kp said...

OoOo. it all sounds good. From your view of the menu, did they have any good options that were a little less carb-centered?

Kate Y said...

It was a pretty standard breakfast menu. So, you could totally do eggs and meat with no bread option. They have omelet options too! SO GOOD!